E-Mail Addresses from Viva Electronica

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E-Mail Addresses from Viva Electronica

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Are you looking for a fair record label with a well-known name in the electronic music scene and a wide reach to market your track and earn money with your music? YouTube, Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and many more! We stand up for a very fair share of the sales for the artists on our label! Send us your demo link & write us an e-mail.
E-Mail: demo@vivaelectronica.net

If you just want your own Track or Remix (as Artist or Label) in my YouTube Channel & Live Mixes only for Promotion you are welcome to send me an E-Mail and/or add me to your Promo mailing list. I'll upload and mix your Track only if fits my Musical Taste but this without any charge of money.
E-Mail: promo@vivaelectronica.net

I want to promote and support Artists and Labels from all over the World (known and unknown), which Produce and Release Tracks I love, and bring Joy and Inspiration to People and DJs who share this Love for my musical tastes! I don't own the copyrights for any of my Videos. Please keep in mind that iam advertising and promoting your music and you also can place adverts in my video and earn money with it. My high quality uploads also just are available for YouTube Premium Users which pay you money for your ads. All non Premium Users just have a Audio Bitrate of 128 kbps. If you own a copyright and want my video to be removed, "Please" write me an e-mail or comment - I‘ll delete it immediately!
E-Mail: support@vivaelectronica.net